Donations to the DCMM Collections and Archives

Our collection is primarily made up of donations from members of the community, and their interpretation and ongoing preservation is the main mission of the Door County Maritime Museum.  We appreciate that you have considered our Museum as the potential home for your artifact or archival donation. 

Limited resources, space, and time often require that we need to be selective regarding which items we take into our care.  A lot of factors go into the consideration of each individual item including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The Condition of the Item
  • Suitability for Exhibition/Preservation
  • Whether it duplicates an existing item in the Collection
  • Applicability to the scope of the DCMM Mission
  • Current space/resource limitations of the DCMM Museum
  • Provenance and legality of Donation

We do not accept “walk-in” donations, as each item must be reviewed in advance by our Accessions Committee.  We can not guarantee the safety of any items abandoned at Museum property.  If you would like your donation to be considered for inclusion into the Museum collection, please fill out the applicable fields below and attach a photograph(s) of the item(s).

Donations Form

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