Maritime Lighthouse Tower Lights

As the newest landmark on the West Waterfront of the City of Sturgeon Bay, DCMM is establishing a tradition of changing the colors of the exterior lights of the Jim Kress Maritime Lighthouse Tower to recognize important historic moments, holidays as well as local schools and organizations throughout the year.

The colorization dates will be set and established by Door County Maritime Museum. Variations from the list are at the discretion of DCMM, and can be considered for local sporting events, championships, celebrations, etc.

When a conflict in dates occurs, priority will always be given to events of historic relevance, history and more specifically, maritime history.

DCMM is able to program the lights thanks to the state-of-the-art Color Kinetics architectural lighting system installed by Northern Electric Inc. (NEI)

Maritime Lighthouse Tower lights will celebrate and/or commemorate the following:

The Door County Maritime Museum will not accept payment for, or trade of any kind in exchange for lighting the tower. We are not able to ‘rent’ the tower for light choices to any individual or private party. However, we are open to suggestions for new/different occasions to honor; please email us with your suggestions at